About Us

We have been established since 1997 as an export house. Due to this, we have extensive knowledge regarding the Middle East, Asian and African markets.

Sugar Division

We have been active in this sector for the last 15 years. In conjunction with our principals, we provide feasibility studies, basic and detailed engineering, start-up support and equipment.

Engineering Services

We offer a vast spectrum of engineering services, ranging from process engineering, plant and piping layout engineering, E-C&I engineering to civil and structural engineering, IT and Data-Service.


    Over the years we have focused on strengthening our position within the sugar industry by associating ourselves with companies and individuals who are leaders in this sector.

    Other than the supply of services and products we have organised global industry experts from Germany, Brazil and India to speak at the Pakistani Society of Sugar Technologist annual conventions. The papers are touching on a range of subjects, such as the global sugar industry, new technologies, revamping brownfield plants towards efficiency, reductions of losses and cogeneration.

    History of 23 years and having executed 100+ projects, today KEC is not only a supplier of products and services, but a company that bridges the gap between firms by bringing them together to make their vision into reality.


    With M/S IPRO Industrieprojekt GmbH, Germany, we introduced the Falling Film Evaporator, (FFE) in Pakistan in 2006. Today, we proudly say that we have been involved in over 85% of all FFE installed in Pakistan. Our work has supported our clients to transform their plants into being amongst the top 10 most efficient factories globally.

    KEC & IPRO have been at the forefront of the efficiency drive within the Pakistan sugar industry, and worked with over 40% of Pakistan's crushing capacities. We are pioneers in introducing new equipment and automation systems to the industry. Our company has been involved in setting up the first-ever sugar cane, sugar beet, cogeneration sugar complex in Pakistan.


    With our associate based in Australia, we provide consultancy to farmers to help increase their yield per hectare and reduce their water consumption.

    We are well experienced in troubleshooting problem areas that affect end yield results on large plantations and have a proven record in doing so. We provide the best farm management practice tailored to the local environment and culture that your farm team can easily comprehend and put into practice.


    The strength of us working with IPRO is that they have all the necessary skills in house. This allows us to reduce the lines of communication as well as simplifying of interdisciplinary agreements within the project.

   •   Pre-Investment Studies
   •  Plant Analysis
   •  Expert Advice

Project Development
   •  Basic Evaluation
   •  Economic Feasibility Study

   •  Conceptual design
   •  Basic design
   •  Detail design

Project Monitoring
   •  Implementation planning
   •  Site Supervision

Engineering Departments